The end of an era!!

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It is our last week in year 3!

It is also my (Miss Savage’s) last week in year 3 and here at Moss Park!

Share your favourite memories of year 3 with us on here.

We would like to say a huge thank you for all your hard work, effort and enthusiasm, and wish you the very best of luck for year 4.
Miss Savage and Mrs Grainger

Our visit to Liverpool

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What a fantastic day!


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We had a brilliant time at the Extraffordganza concert playing with the bbc Ten pieces orchestra. It was very exciting to see our choreographed dance on the big screens too!
A big thank you to Trafford music service for helping us learn the songs and performances.

A visit from the Dogs Trust

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Today year 3 learnt all about how to act around dogs. How we can stay safe and how to be aware of dogs in our own homes and in our local area. 


Amazing class assembly

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Well done to all of year 3 for your amazing performance in our Charlotte’s Web assembly. You did an amazing job and we are all very proud of you.
A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch…we think lots of you were left with a tear in your eye from such a beautiful song at the end.

Well done once again to all the children in year 3 and thank you for your hard work.

Miss Savage and Mrs Grainger.


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Your homework this week is to learn your lines for our class assembly NEXT WEEK!!

We are also putting a link up for the song we are singing at the end so you can have a go at learning that too.

Remember all the E-safety rules you have learnt in school! Ask an adult before you access this link:

Thank you,

Miss Savage and Mrs Grainger

Take one picture week

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This week we will be doing lots of art based activities

To help us with our art project we would love you to bring in some boxes- shoe boxes or cereal boxes are a good size.
Many thanks

Miss Savage and Mrs Grainger

Year 3 Fundraising – What I want to be when I grow up

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Thank you Year 3 for a brilliant fundraising day! Your costumes were fantastic.

Y3 Trip to Chester!

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Last week we had an amazing time visiting Chester to find out all about the Romans.

We explored the city by marching like Roman soldiers through the town. At the amphitheatre we had lesson in how to do battle like a Roman Soldier and how to defend against an enemy.


Later on in the day we had a special tour of the museum and our Guide told us all about how Chester has changed since the Romans used it as a settlement.


It was a brilliant day! Thank you to all the children for their excellent behaviour and to parents for prompt return of slips etc.

Photos to follow very soon.

Miss Savage and Mrs Grainger



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